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2014 Year in Review: Amazing Spider-man 2 #1 movie in the Phillipines, 3rd all time


ASM2 with Korina (screenshot from KrisTV)

Boxoffice Mojo reveals that Amazing Spider-man 2 is the top grossing movie in the Philippines for the year 2014.  Earning $10,211,056 or according to the Wikipedia ₱ 443,159,830 (pesos). 2nd on the list is Transformers and the 3rd and still showing this 2015 is the Amazing Prabet Benjamin. 

http://boxofficemojo.com/intl/philippines/yearly/ (as of Jan 11, 2014) 

With these box office, ASM2 became the 3rd all time top grossing in the Phillpines, beaten only by Avengers and Ironman 3. 4th on the list is Girl, Boy, Bakla Tomboy the top domestic film of all.


History of Spider-man Box Office 

Spider-man has a long history being on top,  being no.1 of all time in the Philippines 3x for a total years of 9

Spider-man 1 was no.1 beating Titanic record from 2002-204

Spider-man 2 broke Spider-man 1’s record in 2004 til 2006 until…

In 2006, Superman Returns broke Spider-man ‘s streak

However Spider-man 3 returned the webcrawler at the Top only to be beatean by Avengers in 2012. Spider-man 3 had been the no.1 movie of all time in the Philippines from 2007-2012. Wow!

Unfortunately the Amazing Spider-man films couldn’t achieve the same success as the Raimi Films nevertheless. ASM 1 was  part of the top 10 in the 2012 but many movies have already surpassed it.





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