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Carnage for President by Marco Manalac

  Carnage for President By Marco Manalac Norman Osborn will always be considered as Spider-Man’s greatest enemy of all time. But even the infamous Green Goblin cannot match the violence, mayhem, and pure insanity that Cletus Kasady, more commonly known as Carnage, brings to the table with every issue that he stars in. Carnage is the most brutal character in ... Read More »

Spidey Plus Selfie Equals…

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Art Gallery at SM features Spider-man and Venom on canvass

Spider Sightings from SM Malls featuring painting and sculpture of superheroes from Marvel and DC made by  contemporary Filipino artists.  Out of the 34 works, 2 were spider-man related.  I was able to go to Megamall’s display tour and was able take pictures of the 2 paintings. Check out the pics, hit the link to enlarge.    Joseph Balderas: My ... Read More »

Spider-Man’s Literary Pleasures

Just SpiderDan checking out the old literature  Read More »

Join the Spider Army: The Spider-Verse Costume Contest

See SpiderDan and the rest of the Spider Verse PH at Comic Odessey’s Halloweenfest at October 25.  Join the Contest and Win prizes   Read More »

WebsPinas team-up with Comic Odyssey for a Spider-Verse Event

WE WANT YOU TO SPIN A WEB. ANY SIZE… ANY UNIVERSE. Friendly neighborhood webspinners, listen up! A threat more terrifying than anything from Halloween threatens to destroy the web of life across all multiverses. Spider-Men from across time and space have banded together and formed Spider-Verse PH to tackle this threat head-on… but we need all the help we can get. On ... Read More »

The Philippine Spider-Verse Cosplay Team is here!

Spider-Verse PH was finally unleashed last October 4, 2014 at Cosplay Mania ’14! This roster includes: Kino Kaoru as Avenging Spider-Man Monette Salas as Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman Tim Villasor as Symbiote Spider-Man Pete Mendoza as Classic (Ditko) Spider-Man Quintisson Lapuz Tenerife as TASM2 Spider-Man Carlo Astudillo as 90’s Spider-Man Maita Paje as Spider-Girl Angelo Ampil as Spider-Man Noir Kevin Mark Jucaban Bautista as ... Read More »

Spidey Just Wants to Have Fun by Marco Manalac

Spidey Just Wants to Have Fun By: Marco Manalac With very little fanfare surrounding it, The Amazing Spider-Man mini-series “Learning to Crawl” will not be remembered as a major event, nor will it be considered as a monumental game-changer years from now when our children, our grandchildren and our great grandchildren tell their children about the web-head. Although it has ... Read More »

Spider Sightings: Hasbro’s Titan Heroes goes Spider Verse

Hasbro Titan Heroes 12 inch figures is an often ignored line by collectors. The quality is not as good especially on Spider-man which does’t look like the Ultimate version its trying to represent. This time, Hasbro created multiple costumes in line with the Web Warriors series which is in sync with the Spider Verse Event. The figures i saw and ... Read More »

The Six Arms Saga (A Photoshop Tribute)

(The Amazing Spider-Man #100–102) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Six_Arms_Saga Read More »