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5 Spider-Men We’d Love to See in SPIDER-VERSE

It’s going to be one heck of a Spider-party when Amazing Spider-Man #9 hits the stands on November 5.

The much-anticipated multi-part story arc, “Spider-Verse,” officially kicks off in the pages of Marvel’s flagship title. Regular Amazing Spider-Man scribe Dan Slott promised us that we’d see nearly every incarnation of Spider-Man ever (yes, including Toku Spidey himself, Supaiidaman); however, we just wanted to make sure that these five Spider-Men make it into the pages of the ginormous Spider-event (and hopefully won’t end up the same way “Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends” did).

5. The Spectacular Spider-Man

spectacular spider-man

“Living on the edge, fighting crime, spinning webs…”

Spectacular Spider-Man is easily one of the best Spider-Man cartoons of all time. Canceled after a successful and fan-favorite two seasons because of unfortunate and complicated circumstancesSpectacular Spider-Man is sorely missed. Too bad we won’t be able to hear Josh Keaton’s voice if this guy ever shows up in the pages of “Spider-Verse,” but hey. At least we won’t hear Drake Bell, either.

4. Spider-Man: The Animated Series

spider-man animated series

SPIDER-MAAAHN, SPIDER-MAAAHN, RADEEOOOWACFJRGANREIVAENIVERVMAENIB SPIDER-MAAAHN *best sang in front of an electric fan, followed by a rocking guitar solo*

Why wouldn’t we want to see the Spidey that many of today’s 20-something Spider-fans grew up with? Mr. I-can-only-kick-people-and-am-prohibited-from-hurting-pigeons would make a great addition to 616 Spidey’s strike team in “Spider-Verse.” You know, if they need someone who can only kick and occasionally scream “THE PAIN! I-IT’S EXCRUCIATING!”

3. Spider-Man: Reign

Spider-Man Reign

For some reason, geriatric Spidey in boxers is far more terrifying than any other Spider-incarnation. Brr.

Spider-sperm, spider-sperm
Radioactive spider-sperm
Consequences? Disregard!
Cancer was her reward

Look out!

Sure, we already have Last Stand Spidey on the team, but there’s enough room for one more old geezer in “Spider-Verse.” 

2. Marvel Adventures Spider-Man

marvel adventures spider-man

So young, so naive, and so child-friendly that it hurts.

Honestly, though, we only want to see him in “Spider-Verse” because of two things: Spider-Thor and Chat.

1. Spidey Super Stories/Electric Company Spidey

Spidey Super Stories

Ah, if only you HAD “smarts,” Electric Company Spidey.

He’s a lovably stupid goofball who goes up against a living, walking wall. (Seriously, check out these reviews and see if you don’t die laughing.) If that’s not “Spider-Verse”-worthy, then I don’t know what is.

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