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About WebsPinas

Welcome, True Believers!

WebsPinas.com is a collaborative online effort from Filipino Spider-­Man fans to establish a Pinoy­-based go-­to site for all things Spidey.

Pinoy geekdom has been active on the Internet for more than a decade already. The first online communities sprung to life in the form of various Yahoo! Groups, which then evolved into separate branches of geekdom. Of particular significance in this amazing origin story are action figure collecting groups, such as PinoyToyKolektors and Action Figures Philippines. Back then, Marvel collectibles were all the rage, mainly because of the launch of the Marvel Legends line in the early 2000s – the toyline that revolutionized an entire hobby and industry.

Spider­-Man fans are an especially passionate lot. From comics to action figures to video games to film to even cosplay, there’s room in every niche of geekery for Marvel’s flagship character (and his legions of fans).

However, most of these online special interest groups have made the transition from forums to Facebook, and fans have now become more active on social media sites, even forming groups of their own.

It was on social media where the three founding webheads of WebsPinas – Alex, Kyle, and Dan – were subsequently bitten by the radioactive desire to establish a site for fans to show their support for the friendly neighborhood wall­crawler through news articles and various forms of creative expression (drawing, customizing, cosplay, photography, collecting, reviews, and in­-depth analyses of virtually any and every aspect of Spidey’s illustrious decades­-spanning career).

The first strands of Webspinas.com were spun in February 2014.

The first strands of Webspinas.com were spun in February 2014.

The website was developed by Noel Andal, with design assistance from other Spider­friends (Raymond, Dominic, and Rafael). The site was officially launched in April 2014, just in time for the blockbuster sequel “The Amazing Spider­-Man 2.”

The second web conference.

The second web conference, right outside Komikon!

The founders hope that WebsPinas can serve as a gateway for Spider-fans online, whether Pinoy or international – a place where we can connect with one another, all in the name of the wisecracking hero who balances power and responsibility with razor-sharp wit, strong moral fibre, and quite a bit of webbing.