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The Best Local Spider-Man Commentary-Duy Tano of the Comics Cube!

What’s around the Web is a section in our site that features everything Spider-man that is found in the net.

There are lots of  Spider-man sites and links to go to.  From informative sites to fandom pages, the internet has been a big part of  Spider-man popculture lore.  Hence, we will try to feature many of them for old and new Spider-man fans to enjoy.

Our 1st feature is The Comics Cube!, a famous international site created by a Filipino who happens to be a big Spider-man fan,  Duy Tano. The Comics Cube! talks about all sorts of different topics for all sorts of different forms of sequential art — superhero comics, indie comix, komiks, manga, BD. You name it, The Comics Cube! has it.

The Comics Cube! has featured Spider-man through Duy’s commentaries, reviews. It  also discusses about the technical aspects of the art form.

Duy is a fan of the Brand New Day era and a single Peter Parker which is not popular for some group of fans.  Duy has also been featured at Fullybook ads.

Whether or not you like his opinions on Spider-man, Duy’s articles are well-written and offer great insight. I highly suggest you read them especially for the newer fans.


Welcome to the Cube… 




The Comics Cube! tackles all sorts of different topics for all sorts of different forms of sequential art. Superhero comics, indie comix, komiks, manga, BD — you name it, it’s a valid topic for discussion.


Duy Tano on Fullybook


All of his articles are featured here including made by his co-contributor Ben Smith:

The Comics Cube’s Spider-man articles 

Check his Spider-man week feature…

Spider-Man Week 

June 28: Top Five Most Important Spider-Man Artists of All Time

June 29: Five Spider-Man Stories You Should Take the Time To Read
June 30: Five Spider-Man Artists Who Don’t Get Enough Credit
Homages to Todd McFarlane’s Spider-Man #1
July 1: Why Electro is Awesome and You Should Never Screw Around With a Steve Ditko Design
The Five Most Important Spider-Man Moments
July 2: Top Five Spider-Man Writers of All Time
July 3: Top Five Spider-Man Villains

More Featured Spider Articles of Duy:

Firelord: Comics’ Biggest Loser

Protagonists People Think Are Heroes (Wrongly)

Spider-Man Complaints That Need to Stop

Easter Eggs: Homages to Amazing Spider-Man #33

Challenging Preconceptions

Roundtable: 10 Arguments That Never Die

On Amazing Spider-Man 700, Superior Spider-Man, and Being a Mark

Top 25 Spider-Man Stories of All Time!

Easter Eggs: Amazing Spider-Man #600

Easter Eggs: Clark Kent Visits the Daily Bugle!

Remember When James Cameron Was Supposed to Do Spider-Man?

Spider-Man: Raimi or Webb? or Why the Reboot is a Good Thing for Spider-Fans

Reviews: Spider-Island

Retrospective: Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s Amazing Spider-Man

JMS vs. Steve Wacker: The Glaring Flaw Behind Comic Fans Analyzing Sales Figures

Three Spider-Man Fans Get Ready for Spider-Island

Superman to Break Up with Lois Lane; People Think Spider-Man and Superman Are the Same Guy for Some Reason.

Ask Duy: Five Highlights in Five Years

Spider-Man’s Mermaid Cousin!

Escher in Comics: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #655

Comics’ Biggest Boners: Stan Lee in AMAZING SPIDER-MAN

Comics Cube! Reviews: Amazing Spider-Man #648 – BIG TIME!

Great Back Issues: Amazing Spider-Man 153

Tom Lyle Spider-Clone/Scarlet Spider Designs

Can We Get Over the Spider-Marriage Yet?

The Spider-Man Clone Saga: What Went Wrong (a selective summary)

Comics Techniques and Tricks: Steve Ditko (with Andy Kubert and Marcos Martin)




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