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Watch Amazing Spider-man 2 on HBO Asia (starting 3/21)

Hey Spidey Fans, something to look forward to over the weekend. Amazing Spider-man 2 will be on our HBO Asia. In order to promote the HBO showing, SpiderDAn was invited to hold meet and greet  event at various places for MyCATV. http://hboasia.com/HBO/en-ph/shows/the-amazing-spider-man-2-1016921/ Starring: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx Directed By: Marc Webb Genre: Action-Adventure Duration: 2 hr 16 min It’s great to be ... Read More »

All of my Spidey-centric 2014 highlights!

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Electro’s Important Plug

“Jamie Foxx” “plugs” his new movie. Read More »

Spidey’s Favorite Sport!

Gagamboxing! Read More »

Spider-Man’s Point of View

It’s an upside-down world. Read More »

Peter Parkour

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Spider-Man’s Bathroom Selfie

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Spider-Man, Captain America and the X-Men in the Savage Land

…if the Savage Land was in Pasig. Read More »

First Appearance! Issue Number 1! A Collector’s Item!

The First Appearance of SpiderDan at the UP Lantern Parade, December 1999. Read More »

Spidey Loves MJ

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