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Does Whatever A SpiderDan

Discover Spider-Man’s Secret Origin!

I did a guesting for Cosplay.ph’s The Cosplay Show. It was shot on a plastic sheet factory. The place was quite interesting; it had a feel of an 80’s-90’s Pinoy action film warehouse, so we also did a lot of action scenes and photos ourselves, some of which were used as inserts in the video. The Cosplay Show, produced by ... Read More »

The Amazing SpiderDan

(Original post from Cosplayer Feature: The Amazing Spider-Dan by PlanetMarkus.com. Link here: http://www.planetmarkus.com/cosplayer-feature-the-amazing-spider-dan/) After months and months of being offline, I am both proud and happy to announce that PlanetMarkus blog is officially back online! Huge thanks to my admin for fixing everything and making sure that the blog is once again back to its feet. Thanks, thanks Kuya Boyet, for ... Read More »