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Avengers Director Reveal Endgame Secrets

Avengers: Endgame Co-Director Joe Russo answers your pressing questions about many plot points from the movie. SPOILER ALERT IN EFFECT! Read More »

Avengers Endgame Spoilers Discussion by SpiderDan

Tara at pag-usapan natin ang pelikula! Para lang sa mga nakapanood na. Read More »

How To Survive The Endgame

Let’s have an Endgame pre-game by discussing how to survive it! Also starring: Sean Price, Enzo Zarate, Katherine Joelle Iero, Gabriel Joel Santos, Elm Manz, Zack Tolosa, Elijah Tolosa, Roxanne Kho, Omar Hudson, Kristian Keanu Servando, and more! Read More »

Easter Unboxing of Spider-Man Milk Chocolate Egg Surprise!

Let’s celebrate Easter by an unboxing, plus a list of some of my favourite Easter Eggs from Spider-Man movies. Read More »

Top 20 Best Spider-Man Internet Memes of All Time

Which Spider-Man meme made it to the top? Here’s a collection of my favorite Spidey memes ever! Read More »

How To Draw Spider-Man (Tagalog Tutorial)

Halina’t matuto ng basics ng kung paano mag-drawing ng Spider-Man! Read More »

Unboxing a Mystery Funko Pop

Let’s unbox this Funko Pop, whatever this is! Read More »

Angkas with SpiderDan

Spider-Man rides Angkas! End photo by Wataru Kaito / Kurisu Mei Hon Read More »

Top 10 Reasons Why The X-Men Can’t Join The MCU

The X-Men movies should be left alone; adding them to the MCU will ruin both ‘universes’. Here are my 10 reasons why the X-Men can’t join the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Read More »

Sticker Con MNL 2019 Coverage by SpiderDan

This is a stick-up!!! …dahil narito na finally ang aking coverage ng Sticker Con MNL 2019! Plus! Interviews with Gab Navarro, Brian Sergio, Freely Abrigo, Steven Maxwell Tan, Emiliano de Vera, Sarczo Can, Katz del Rosario, Kevin Mark Jucaban Bautista, Ardie Aquino, Toto Madayag, Nelz Yumul, Earl Manga, and Grace Marcellana with the Sticker Con MNL team: Mimai Cabugnason, Nib ... Read More »