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Does Whatever A SpiderDan

Spider-Man, Captain America and the X-Men in the Savage Land

…if the Savage Land was in Pasig. Read More »

First Appearance! Issue Number 1! A Collector’s Item!

The First Appearance of SpiderDan at the UP Lantern Parade, December 1999. Read More »

Spidey Loves MJ

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Why is Spidey ashamed?

Is it because he is a Shame? Read More »

Spidey Plus Selfie Equals…

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Spider-Man’s Literary Pleasures

Just SpiderDan checking out the old literature  Read More »

The Philippine Spider-Verse Cosplay Team is here!

Spider-Verse PH was finally unleashed last October 4, 2014 at Cosplay Mania ’14! This roster includes: Kino Kaoru as Avenging Spider-Man Monette Salas as Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman Tim Villasor as Symbiote Spider-Man Pete Mendoza as Classic (Ditko) Spider-Man Quintisson Lapuz Tenerife as TASM2 Spider-Man Carlo Astudillo as 90’s Spider-Man Maita Paje as Spider-Girl Angelo Ampil as Spider-Man Noir Kevin Mark Jucaban Bautista as ... Read More »

The Six Arms Saga (A Photoshop Tribute)

(The Amazing Spider-Man #100–102) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Six_Arms_Saga Read More »

I am not Venom!

Or am I? Read More »

Spider-Man’s Other Gwen

There’s No Doubt about it. Read More »