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Celebrate the Year of the Spider! By Marco Manalac

This week, Spider-Man fans got two fresh perspectives on life, one from a young man figuring out why his girlfriend abandoned him, another from a new Spider-Hero, a woman adjusting to the real world after being gone from society for ten years. In Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man issue 10, our young hero finally decides to fix things with Kate ... Read More »


As everybody already probably knows, the big news that came out the past week is that Marvel will be rebooting the Spider-Man film franchise once again. They are sending Spider-Man back to high school, and are currently looking into new actors who can portray Peter Parker. Reports say that the current favorites are Logan Lerman and Dylan O’Brien, who starred ... Read More »

MAFEX The Amazing Spider-Man Action Figure Review by AdvocatePinoy

  MAFEX The Amazing Spider-Man Action Figure Review Our friend Dominic made a review on the new and hot toy the MAfex Amazing Spider-man 2 figure. Check his review on video. For more Spider-man toys review pls check his facebook page    Read More »

Spidey’s First Date by Marco Manalac

With Spider-Verse nearing its end, and Secret Wars about to begin, new comic book fans may be looking for the perfect introductory reads when it comes to our favorite wall-crawler. Since it’s a slow week for Spider-Man, I decided to make a list of the best Spidey jumping-on points for the newer True Believers. Spider-Man: Blue- This is the Spider-Man ... Read More »

Staying Friends With The X by Marco Manalac

We’re just two issues into Spider-Man and the X-Men and already it is such a wild and hilarious ride. Like the weather goddess Storm mentions in the early part of this week’s issue 2, it’s not that Spider-Man goes out looking for trouble. Trouble just always seems to find him. While that may not be ideal for our favorite wall-crawler, ... Read More »

Spider-Man’s Secret Wars by Marco Manalac

So Spider-Verse and all its wacky craziness haven’t even ended, but a few days ago, Marvel unleashed a huge announcement that will affect our favorite wall-crawler, as well as the rest of his universe/multi-verse in a big way. Basically, in a few months, Secret Wars will hit the stands as the next big Marvel event. And in this event, all ... Read More »

Every Step You Take, I’ll Be Watching You by Marco Manalac

With Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man issue 009, superstar writer Brian Michael Bendis is able to fuse a solid, gritty crime story with a dramatic encounter between a father and his son. The first three quarters of the book go deep into the dark past of Jefferson Davis, Miles Morales’ father. He explains to Miles how when he was younger, ... Read More »

They Can Run But They Can’t Hide by Marco Manalac

By: Marco Manalac Happy new year to all the True Believers, web-heads and wall-crawlers out there! During the holiday break, there was very little Spider-Man action to be had, as most Spidey-titles did not release during the New Year and Christmas period. But seeing how 2015 has already started off with a bang, with the release of the first Ant-Man ... Read More »

Merry Spidey Christmas! by Marco Manalac

Merry Spidey Christmas! By: Marco Manalac                        As Christmas approaches, and the holiday break begins, now is the best time to catch up on your favorite Spider-Man books. You might also want to buy a bunch of Spidey titles as gifts for your friends and family. Today, I’ll just be ... Read More »

Spider-Man and the X-Men: School is Cool by Marco Manalac

Spider-Man and the X-Men: School is Cool By: Marco Manalac As if there weren’t enough crazy things happening in Spider-Man’s life, now he becomes a teacher to the mutants in the pages of the new Marvel ongoing series, Spider-Man and the X-Men. He has never really led a team before, so it will be interesting how he goes about leading ... Read More »