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All For One And One For All: The Three Spider-Musketeers by Marco Manalac

All For One And One For All: The Three Spider-Musketeers By: Marco Manalac As we all know by now, all the Spider-Characters from all the different universes are currently being chased down by inter-dimensional hunters called the Inheritors. Recently, in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man, we have found out that what makes these Inheritors so powerful is because there is ... Read More »

That Awkward Moment When You Find Out Your Ex-GF Is Hydra by Marco Manalac

    That Awkward Moment When You Find Out Your Ex-GF Is Hydra By: Marco Manalac A lot has been happening this past week for our favorite web-crawler. A lot has also been revealed. Let me take you through some of the wildest things that have been rocking Spider-Man’s world recently. Well, for one, we just found out that Miles ... Read More »

Carnage for President by Marco Manalac

  Carnage for President By Marco Manalac Norman Osborn will always be considered as Spider-Man’s greatest enemy of all time. But even the infamous Green Goblin cannot match the violence, mayhem, and pure insanity that Cletus Kasady, more commonly known as Carnage, brings to the table with every issue that he stars in. Carnage is the most brutal character in ... Read More »

Spidey Just Wants to Have Fun by Marco Manalac

Spidey Just Wants to Have Fun By: Marco Manalac With very little fanfare surrounding it, The Amazing Spider-Man mini-series “Learning to Crawl” will not be remembered as a major event, nor will it be considered as a monumental game-changer years from now when our children, our grandchildren and our great grandchildren tell their children about the web-head. Although it has ... Read More »

Worst Friends and Best Enemies by Marco Manalac

    Worst Friends and Best Enemies By Marco Manalac Spider-Man is having a tough time fixing the damage that Doctor Octopus did to his image during the lengthy period our favorite wall-crawler was “away.” Unfortunately, when Doctor Octopus was in control of Peter Parker’s body, he made enemies out of Peter’s friends, and even worse enemies out of Peter’s ... Read More »

The Original Sins When Learning To Crawl by Marco Manalac

The Original Sins When Learning To Crawl By: Marco Manalac                   Spider-Verse has not yet hit full-swing, and I am sure it is the event all Spider-Man fans are waiting for. But in the meantime, both parallel runs of Amazing Spider-Man can offer very solid, well-scripted and beautifully drawn stories of Peter ... Read More »


IF I MADE SPIDER-MAN MOVIES… By: Marco Manalac Now that Guardians of the Galaxy has been showing for a few weeks now, we are all on a small break in terms of Marvel movies. I’ll use this free time to give you guys some of my ideas for possible (and not so possible) future Spidey movie storylines. I doubt these ... Read More »

It’s Raining Spider-People! by Marco Manalac

    It’s Raining Spider-People! By: Marco Manalac The past week was a big one for our favorite web-slinger, although most of the big moments took place in alternate universes. First, we had Miles Morales team up with the resurrected Peter Parker to take on the Green Goblin in the Ultimate Universe. Then we had the return of the Superior ... Read More »

FILM REVIEW: “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”

Columbia Pictures, Marvel Enterprises, Avi Arad Productions, Matt Tolmach Productions Starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Dane DeHaan, Paul Giamatti, Sally Field, Chris Cooper, Felicity Jones, B.J. Novak, Colm Feore, and Dennis Leary Directed by Mark Webb Philippine Release Date: April 30, 2014 Runtime: 142 minutes (2 hours 22 minutes) MTRCB Rating: PG Given all of the characters, events, and ... Read More »