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2014 Highlights: Spidey Fans at Umagang Kay Ganda for ASM 2

Last April 29, 2014. Spider-fans from PTK and Pinoy Spider-man Collectors in partnership with WebsPinas appeared on TV in promotion for the Amazing Spider-man 2 movie. Ariel Oreta and Amy Perez interviewed the group about Spider-man and his collectibles.  I can arguably say that it may have been the most spider-man toys ever shown in one place in certain period ... Read More »

2014 Year in Review: Amazing Spider-man 2 #1 movie in the Phillipines, 3rd all time

Boxoffice Mojo reveals that Amazing Spider-man 2 is the top grossing movie in the Philippines for the year 2014.  Earning $10,211,056 or according to the Wikipedia ₱ 443,159,830 (pesos). 2nd on the list is Transformers and the 3rd and still showing this 2015 is the Amazing Prabet Benjamin.  http://boxofficemojo.com/intl/philippines/yearly/ (as of Jan 11, 2014)  With these box office, ASM2 became the 3rd all ... Read More »

5 International Spider-Men who should be in Spider-Verse

Spider-Verse has kicked off and has brought ever Spider-man ever but those that we are done or licensed to Marvel So how about those Spider-men who were created as inspiration or a fan flick…. Presenting 5 Spider-men that should be in Spider-Verse 5. Evil Turkish Spider-man  The most evil and notorious inspired Spider-man of them all….the Evil Spider-man by 3dev ... Read More »

Spider-Verse Display for Halloween ComicFest 2014

  Last October 25, WebsPinas was given the opportunity to have an Spider-man theme programme for the Halloween ComicFest Event called “Look Out Here Comes the Spider-Verse”  Aside fro the costumes, art contest, cosplayers and trivia challenge, a SpiderVerse display presenting in various scales from different toylines . Full Display    On the upper right shelf. Hasbro’s 3.75  Marvel Universe ... Read More »


  PRESS RELEASE   CREATE YOUR OWN SPIDER-MAN ART CONTEST So, you think you can draw? Are you are an inspiring artist? Do you think you can design the next Spider-man? Wanna win some spectacular prizes? Submit your own SPIDER-MAN design on Halloween Comic Fest at our FORT Branch. Your drawing must be a completely original Spider-man creation, your very ... Read More »

Look Out, Here Comes the Spider-Verse Event Recap

Yes Peter Parker, last October 25th everyone’s spider sense were tingling with all the fun and spider-man related activities on the event called ” Look Out, Here Comes the Spider-Verse”. WebsPinas in partnership with Comic Odyssey and Fully Booked joined forces to have a Spider-man Theme Halloween ComicFest.  Our friends from Flipgeeks and SpiderVerse PH also joined in to make ... Read More »

Art Gallery at SM features Spider-man and Venom on canvass

Spider Sightings from SM Malls featuring painting and sculpture of superheroes from Marvel and DC made by  contemporary Filipino artists.  Out of the 34 works, 2 were spider-man related.  I was able to go to Megamall’s display tour and was able take pictures of the 2 paintings. Check out the pics, hit the link to enlarge.    Joseph Balderas: My ... Read More »

Join the Spider Army: The Spider-Verse Costume Contest

See SpiderDan and the rest of the Spider Verse PH at Comic Odessey’s Halloweenfest at October 25.  Join the Contest and Win prizes   Read More »

WebsPinas team-up with Comic Odyssey for a Spider-Verse Event

WE WANT YOU TO SPIN A WEB. ANY SIZE… ANY UNIVERSE. Friendly neighborhood webspinners, listen up! A threat more terrifying than anything from Halloween threatens to destroy the web of life across all multiverses. Spider-Men from across time and space have banded together and formed Spider-Verse PH to tackle this threat head-on… but we need all the help we can get. On ... Read More »

The Philippine Spider-Verse Cosplay Team is here!

Spider-Verse PH was finally unleashed last October 4, 2014 at Cosplay Mania ’14! This roster includes: Kino Kaoru as Avenging Spider-Man Monette Salas as Gwen Stacy Spider-Woman Tim Villasor as Symbiote Spider-Man Pete Mendoza as Classic (Ditko) Spider-Man Quintisson Lapuz Tenerife as TASM2 Spider-Man Carlo Astudillo as 90’s Spider-Man Maita Paje as Spider-Girl Angelo Ampil as Spider-Man Noir Kevin Mark Jucaban Bautista as ... Read More »