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Welcome to Tangled Web

Welcome to Tangled Web! Hi! This is Alex. This is a gallery of all the Spider-Man-related stuff I’ve managed to collect over the last few years. I decided to call it “Tangled Web” because, well, there’s a LOT of stuff to collect, and when I see all of them in one place, I kind of see them “entangled” in my ... Read More »

Tangled Web room 2015 update

It’s been a long time since the last update but here is the recent pics of Tangled Web room before 2015 ends. Room Overview…..     Glass Cabinet which contains Statues and 1/6 Figures      Center Cabinet…   Side view….     Comic Shelve 1  Essentials  Hardcovers…. Prose Novels Back in Black-Brand New Day-Superior Era Tradepaperbacks and Books  Side ... Read More »

Tangled Web June-August 2015 Hauls

Hauls for the month of June, July and August  It’s been a while since my last post. Here are my hauls from the past 3 months. Lots of comics hauls and old stuff coming from the US. Funko Hikari Spider-man    Bandai Avengers Disk Wars: Spider-man based from the cartoon MArvel Legends Infinite Series Having 4 out of the 7 from the ... Read More »

Tangled Web May 2015 Hauls (FCBD and Secret Wars)

Another month of haulage including stuff from the Free Comic Book Day event and also the launching of the Secret Wars #1. Only 3 toys for the month, most of it were comics and magazines. Hot Toys Amazing Spider-man 2   Marvel Infinite Series: Doc Ock and Vulture   FCBD hauls  including the Filbar’s Comic box   FCBD comics Harvey ... Read More »

Tangled Web April 2015 hauls

Here are my Spider-man hauls for the month of April. Lots of stuff came from the US which only just arrived. Funko Pops Spider-man Exclusives 1973 Ideal Amazing Spider-man Playset   The playset includes a diorama of Peter Parker’s world including cutouts of friends and his enemies      Nicholas Hammond as Spider-man photo with signature     Spider-man Web ... Read More »

Tangled Web March 2015 hauls

This month feature hauls from the Tagcom 2015 and stuff from online which just arrived. Lots of comics sale items for this month hence lots of back issues.   Funko Hikari Amazing Spider-man 2 “Distressed” and “Metal Mix”  pic of all my 3 Hikari….     Funko Pop Spider-man    Marvel Chess Collection Green Goblin    Diamond Select Amazing Spider-man ... Read More »

Tangled Web February 2015 hauls

Highlight for this month is the Amazing Spider-man 121 signed by John Romita and Gil Kane. Not much toys for the month. Comic wise Spider-Verse is about to end. AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 121 SIGNED BY JOHN ROMITA and GIL KANE MAFEX AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2      Disney Infinity: Ultimate Green Goblin  SPIDER-VERSE AND ITS VARIANTS     ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN:WEB WARRIORS VARIANT ... Read More »

Tangled Web January 2015 hauls

Here are my hauls for the month of January 2015, not much toy released for the month. Although  there are some stuff just recently arrived from the US. Disney Vineylmation Marvel Series 2    Marvel Infinite Series 3.75      Funko Hikari Blaze Amazing Spider-man 10”   Ultimate Marvel Super Hero Toy Collector Guide year 1-4   Superhero Merchandise Catalog   ... Read More »

2014 Highlights: Spidey Fans at Umagang Kay Ganda for ASM 2

Last April 29, 2014. Spider-fans from PTK and Pinoy Spider-man Collectors in partnership with WebsPinas appeared on TV in promotion for the Amazing Spider-man 2 movie. Ariel Oreta and Amy Perez interviewed the group about Spider-man and his collectibles.  I can arguably say that it may have been the most spider-man toys ever shown in one place in certain period ... Read More »

WebsPinas founder Alex featured Spider-man Collection at CBR

http://robot6.comicbookresources.com/2014/12/amazing-spider-fan-shows-us-his-shelf-porn/ Last Dec. 20, comicbookresources.com mainly the Robot 6 Blog, featured the spider-man collection of Alex for their weekly Shelf Porn where collectors share their comic,books,toys  and merchandise. to quote CBR…. Happy holidays and welcome to Shelf Porn, your weekly look at one fan’s collection. Today we show off the web-tangled shelves of Alex in the Philippines, a huge fan ... Read More »

Tangled Web: December 2014 hauls

Last hauls for the year The  last month of the year’s spider-man hauls. 2014 has been a great year of spider-man collectibles, some cool statues release and toylines 🙂 Sideshow Campbell Spider-man Comicquette     Campbell Set with MJ and Gwen   Also with some Campbell Art   USM Scarlet Spider 3.75 line  ASM2 Electro 3.75   String Doll Spider-man and Venom    ... Read More »