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The Tangled Web 2014 Phase 2

Showcasing my room for a TV segment on Spider-man gave me an opportunity to display my collectibles which were mostly just stored in  plastic containers. As compared  2 years ago, the room has progressed and evolved. So, I guess, it is fitting to call my room “Tangled Web Phase 2″.   This year, I was able to put 4 more ... Read More »

March-April 2014 Hauls

  Starting with this post, I will be posting my latest hauls in the upcoming months. I used to post pictures of my latest hauls in toy forums mainly, in Pinoy Toy Kolektor at forumer or even at proboards.  However things have changed with the rise of Facebook communities in the Philippines. What happened to local forums is very unfortunate ... Read More »

Welcome to Tangled Web

Welcome to Tangled Web! Hi! This is Alex. This is a gallery of all the Spider-Man-related stuff I’ve managed to collect over the last few years. I decided to call it “Tangled Web” because, well, there’s a LOT of stuff to collect, and when I see all of them in one place, I kind of see them “entangled” in my ... Read More »

The Spider Room 2012

Here are pics of my room taken last 2012 in line for the Spider-Man movie. The pics shown are the toys, trades, graphic novels, comics, cards, DVDs and many more collected from the past 10 years. Also a video segment showing the the rest of the collection Read More »