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HOMECOMING by Marco Manalac

And the year just keeps on getting better and better. A month after the epic Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice premiered, the Philippines gets Captain America: Civil War a week earlier than everybody in America. Putting aside my personal bias toward anything Spider-Man, I’ll have to honestly say that Ant-Man stole the show in Captain America: Civil War. He was funny, charming, and ultimately, he had the biggest surprise and the coolest power. For people avoiding spoilers, let’s just say he got GIANT reactions from the audience. Black Panther was also a highlight, and his determination and unrelenting chase after the Winter Soldier was admirable. His suit was high-tech, and his claws looked really deadly. I wouldn’t want him chasing my tail if I were Bucky. But let’s keep it real, people. The main event that the whole world was waiting for and anticipating, the main draw of the whole thing was, is, and will forever be Spider-Man. And the movie did not disappoint with its use of our friendly neighborhood wall-crawler.
One good thing Marvel did with this new Spider-Man was that they made him a kid again. And this time, he is a believable kid. He’s not too tall, and he’s got the awkward spunk of youth about him. This version is not as geeky as Tobey, nor is he as cool and suave as the Amazing Spider-Man. This one hits the right balance. He has a loner, loser side to him but you can tell that when he’s in the suit, yapping away and blabbering, he’s a confident man setting out to astonish the world.
I am so happy that Spider-Man is finally talkative. The two previous incarnations had humor, but were never as talkative as the Spider-Man we have now. You could feel that in the big battle scene, Spider-Man was just having fun, sparring with his idols and heroes. It was obvious how star-struck he was with Captain America. (But not as star-struck as Ant-Man was with Cap. The way he was looking at Steve and feeling his body was bordering on creepy already.)
I also just have to say… perfect casting choice for Aunt May. I never, in all my years of being a comic book fan, thought that I would ever crush on Aunt May. But Marvel managed to do that by making her a young, hip, and very sexy auntie. It’ll be hilarious if Iron Man becomes Spider-Man’s adoptive uncle. After all, Iron Man was already confirmed to be appearing in the upcoming Spider-Man movie, which will be officially controlled by Marvel Studios now.
Another reason to get excited for Civil War is how Spider-Man takes down Ant-Man. I won’t spoil too much but he employs a Star Wars tactic to dominate his towering foe. Of course, as he does it, being the young millennial that he is, he totally disrespects the Star Wars franchise with half-hearted references. The adult superheroes were so offended, and so was I. Man, these kids nowadays…
I’m not too sure if the solo Spider-Man movie will be another origin story, or if it will take place in media res. I just hope they do something different with the franchise, something new and refreshing but also very close to home. Since we know that Tony Stark is going to take on the mentorship role, the threats that Spidey will be facing are going to be even bigger. With Captain America: Civil War, Marvel Studios proved that they can offer us a Spider-Man that will be cherished by the younger kids of this generation.
Overall, Captain America: Civil War was a fun ride, but way lighter than I expected it to be. There was no big danger threatening the world. There was no super-powered villain killing heroes left and right. In fact, there wasn’t even a real war. Sure, there was a battle among the few Avengers, but one can hardly call that a war. Essentially, it was a tale of revenge, and a story of clashing principles. All the rumors of a big death happening at the end of the movie were false. This was a wild, exciting adventure, nothing more, nothing less. But I assure that you’ll be on the edge of your seats the entire time.
Next up this year, we have movies like X-Men: Apocalypse, Doctor Strange and Suicide Squad to look forward to. Similar to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War, X-Men Apocalypse anchors its tension in the black-and-white conflict between our beloved characters. They will be split down the line, and they are surely going to have an epic battle very much like the one between the Avengers’ two opposing sides. Audiences get a real kick out of the whole choose-your-side gimmick that comic book movies are doing. It’s good practice as we near the elections. We need to make a choice very soon, and maybe watching Civil War will help us shape our decision.
(When he’s not out on the streets saving the world from made-up villains, Marco Manalac is usually surfing the internet. Follow him on Twitter @marcomanalac. Email him at marco.manalac@gmail.com)

Marvel's Captain America: Civil War Spider-Man/Peter Parker (Tom Holland) Photo Credit: Film Frame © Marvel 2016

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