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Look Out, Here Comes the Spider-Verse Event Recap


Yes Peter Parker, last October 25th everyone’s spider sense were tingling with all the fun and spider-man related activities on the event called ” Look Out, Here Comes the Spider-Verse”. WebsPinas in partnership with Comic Odyssey and Fully Booked joined forces to have a Spider-man Theme Halloween ComicFest.  Our friends from Flipgeeks and SpiderVerse PH also joined in to make the event a memorable one.

Press Release:

Threat more terrifying than anything from Halloween threatens to destroy the web of life across all multiverses. Spider-Men from across time and space have banded together and formed Spider-Verse PH to tackle this threat head-on… but we need all the help we can get.

On October 25, 2014, it’s going to take more than one Spider to get the job done. In partnership with Comic Odyssey, Fully Booked, and FlipGeeks, WebsPinas – the country’s premier Spider-Man fan site – brings you “Look Out – Here Comes the SPIDER-VERSE!“, a reality-bridging event that unites the nearly countless incarnations of the world’s greatest superhero, the Amazing Spider-Man. Watch as these arachnid-themed avengers go from the edges of Spider-Verse in order to stop an interdimensional menace that threatens to destroy the web of life. The Amazing Spider-Man, the Superior Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Man Noir, Scarlet Spider, Man-Spider, Spider-Girl, Iron Spider, the Spider of Steel, Spider-Gwen, Arachne, Spider-Ham, Cyborg Spider-Man, House of M Spider-Man, the Sensational Spider-Man, Captain Universe Spider-Man, Spider-Hulk,…

Oh, and the most kick-ass Spider-person will win a special prize from the Spider-Verse PH folks (and no, it ain’t just a year’s supply of Aunt May’s wheatcakes).

Go from the Edge of Spider-Verse and jump in. It doesn’t matter whether you’re Amazing, Spectacular, Sensational, or Superior – be part of comic book history and suit up to celebrate a massive event that unites every.



On that day….Around 20 were wearing a Spider-man related costume including our very own SpiderDan and Mikael.  The Spider-Men went around the store making selfies and all kinds of wacky photographs.


The event started with a trivia game, Mikael and Jason hosted the Spider-man Trivia Challenge as 4 groups of 3 joined in.  Categories were classified as Comic, Movie, TV, Books, Music and other media platforms


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Congratulations to Triple J group, winners of Trivia Challenge




Professional artist were also present to do some sketch art for the fans…lots of cool spider-man sketches by these talented pool of Pinoys


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SpiderDan and Mikael and the rest of the SpiderVerse PH hanging around the event….

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More coverage and pics of the Spider cosplayers to follow soon….Check out our upcoming SpiderVerse PH post


The event also had an Artist Contest…open to different age groups. The theme was a to create your own version of Spider-man in line of the upcoming comic event. A post of all the Spider-man art to follow soon.


Spider Verse Toy Display featuring various toy lines and scale from Hasbro and Toybiz





Check out Mikael’s Custom Muggs….Spider-man 2099, Mile Morales, Kaine Scarlet Spider and Cosmic Spider-man




Lastly our winner for the custom contest…Miah Layson’s Armored Spider-man 


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