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This MAFEX Spider-Man has (almost) everything a Spider-Man toy could need

Earlier this month, we caught a glimpse of what appeared to be the Medicom MAFEX line’s (almost perfect) attempt at a 1/12-scale, comics-based Spider-Man figure.

Thanks to a recent update on the Medicom website, we finally have confirmation of this figure’s inclusion in the line. We also get a good look at the accessories it comes with, including a very cool Peter Parker unmasked head!

MAFEX Spider-Man (Comic Version) Photo Gallery

The official Medicom website lists the MAFEX Spider-Man (Comic Version) as approximately 155 mm (6.1 in) tall — a perfect fit for a lot of modern 6″-scaled lines.


Just like the equally awesome MAFEX Spider-Man: Homecoming figure, this bad boy seems to have all the points of articulation it needs to be able to do whatever a spider can.


It can replicate the friendly neighborhood webslinger’s signature crawling poses on your desk with incredible accuracy.


The MAFEX Spider-Man (Comic Version) even comes with weblines of different sizes. They fit into this figure’s wrist pegs, just like the Homecoming version’s webs. (In fact, these look like they’re straight reissues of those accessories.)


For fans of Todd McFarlane’s signature crazy, anatomically improbable poses, this Spidey’s just what the doctor ordered. The MAFEX stand’s definitely going to be handy for this figure!


Best of all, the MAFEX Spider-Man (Comic Version) comes with an extremely cool Peter Parker alternate head, as well as a mask accessory he can hold in his hand! The head works well enough to be a composite interpretation of Peter — it’s got a slightly longer version of the classic Parker haircut, plus a rather bishounen-looking face. Absolutely no complaints here, though!

All in all, the MAFEX Spider-Man (Comic Version) comes with three interchangeable heads. Two of them are masked — one inspired by Larsen/McFarlane/Bagley, the other looking like a mix of Camuncoli and Buscema — and the last one’s the aforementioned unmasked head. All three of them look phenomenal!


Looking at the bottom section of this scan (and noting that they probably published this before photos of the unmasked head got the go-signal for release), the MAFEX Spider-Man (Comic Version) also comes with 6 weblines, 5 pairs of non-magnetic hands, and a set of magnetic hands and feet. A camera and a Daily Bugle newspaper would have been nice, but this definitely isn’t too shabby at all.

The MAFEX Spider-Man (Comics Version) figure is scheduled for release in February 2019. You can preorder this figure as early as now via Amiami or your preferred local retailer or third-party distributor.

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