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MAFEX unveils the last Spider-Man toy you’ll ever need

When Medicom announced Gwenpool as Figure No. 71 in their popular 1/12-scale MAFEX line, many collectors scratched their heads. While photos of the product did feature an impressive sculpt, excellent articulation, and the right amount of accessories that a collector could reasonably expect from a character with the suffix “pool” in their name, it was still a baffling choice for their first comics-based Marvel character. Naturally, my first question was “Where’s Spider-Man?” (My second was “When will they get to him?”)

Looks like we finally have an answer to the first question, at least. And man, what an answer it is.

The 玩具最前線Toyzfrontline Facebook Page uploaded an album of photos reportedly taken at the Miyazawa Model Spring Exhibition 2018. It only showed two characters: MAFEX Bruce Wayne from the DCEU films, and…

MAFEX Spider-Man (Comics Version)!!!!

We don’t know much about this figure right now, since MAFEX technically hasn’t even officially announced it yet. (All I know is that I want two of this, like, right now.)

Going by the photos, it looks like he has all the articulation points a Spider-Man figure needs (including the all-important toe joints that Hasbro insists on omitting), plus interchangeable hands and webline accessories. The chest spider looks like it’s from Mark Bagley’s take on the wall-crawler. The head appears to be closer to Erik Larsen’s version than Todd McFarlane’s. (It looks a lot like the first Spider-Man Classics Spidey figure, though, and that one was outright confirmed to be McFarlane-inspired.)

Here’s hoping he’ll come with the obligatory alternate fists/palms/thwipp hands, web line attachments, a Peter Parker alternate head, a masked head with smaller eyes, a half-masked head, and a camera. Throw in a web shield for some Marvel vs Capcom fun, and we’re all set.

Expect more details on this surprising reveal from MAFEX soon!

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