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Spider-Man News You May Have Missed

On top of my day job and my secret (shhh!) web-slinging career, I also write science news and geek articles for GMA News Online. Here are a few reviews and news articles about – you guessed it – Spider-Man that I’ve written so far. New York’s friendly neighborhood webslinging son is quite the newsmaker, so expect more news and reviews in the future.

Here’s one of the first full articles that appeared on the ol’ interwebs about Peter Parker’s return: All-new Amazing Spider-Man to debut in 2014—but is this the real Peter Parker?

And here’s a partner piece confirming it (because I just can’t seem to shut up about Spidey): Marvel confirms Peter Parker’s return in April’s Amazing Spider-Man #1

I couldn’t resist buying this lovely toy – at the time, it wasn’t available here, so I bought it from a seller based in Canada. Overkill, eh? Still, it was worth it: Marvel Legends Infinite Series’ The Amazing Spider-Man lives up to hype

Spidey is the first superhero ambassador for Earth Hour – suck on that, Johnny Storm! Spider-Man is Earth Hour’s first superhero ambassador

EVERY. SINGLE. SPIDER-MAN. EVER. Read about how Dan Slott and Giuseppe Camuncoli will be spinning a reality-hopping web in November’s “Spider-Verse” event: Every single Spider-Man you’ve ever known, together in one comic


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