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Minimates madness of the Marvelous kind

(This post was originally published on www.mikaelwrites.com. It is now, well, not there anymore. Because reasons.)

The moment I first laid eyes on a bunch of Spider-Man Minimates in a comic book shop many years ago, I *knew* I was going to be in trouble.

Speaking from experience, it is ridiculously hard to distance oneself from the collecting aspect that comes with being a geek. In a hobby that admittedly revolves around spending money (after all, comic books aren’t cheap), it’s really challenging to be a fan of a particular character and resist the urge to buy any action figure, poster, or card that catches your attention. It is especially difficult when you’re the kind of person who obsesses over maintaining some form of order in your collection(s) – that all-consuming urge to simply have everything included in a particular line of merchandise, because the alternative, to you, is akin to having an incomplete set of teeth.

Of course, you already know by now that the last paragraph was there for the sole purpose of justifying this.

spider-man marvel minimates

“I- I swear, I have no idea how this happened. They just started multiplying. I think.”

Waitaminute, that’s not even an updated photo of my Minimates. Let me try again:
spider-man marvel minimates

Er. Eek.

Actually, this isn’t the first time I fell prey to the two-inch, 14-points-of-articulation charm of these Minimates. I had quite a few of these about three years ago – every Spider-Man Minimate made at that point (save for three ridiculously expensive ones) plus all the relevant Spider-characters and villains – but promptly sold them off when I told myself I would quit.

spider-man marvel minimates

As you can see, I tell myself a lot of stupid things.

Now, I’m back into the thick of Minimates-related things, but this time with a somewhat more noble purpose than “because they’re cute” – I plan to make one giant diorama featuring every single costume Spider-Man has ever worn, which I will set up someday in that cafe I’ve always wanted to open.

spider-man marvel minimates

Well, that AND “because they’re cute.”

What I really like about Minimates is the fact that it’s the only toyline that manages to keep up with developments in the source material. Spidey’s sporting a new costume? Expect the Minimates version to come out in half a year or less. There’s a new Marvel event? Here, have this sweet new Minimates box set. It’s like a pit of quicksand for geeks, except it’s one that many of us happily wade in.

I get most of my Minimates from abroad, since the older ones are fairly hard to come by ’round these parts.

spider-man marvel minimates

Don’t worry, these aren’t drugs…

spider-man marvel minimates

…because in many ways, they’re kind of worse. Kind of. (Hello there, Cyclops! Try not to eye-punch your way out.)

spider-man marvel minimates

Many people call this the “Torment” box set due to Spidey’s design being lifted from the story of the same name. For a number of reasons, it’s probably difficult to find a moniker that suits it better than that.

Pictured above is an extremely hard-to-find Spider-Man-themed box set. Everyone wants it for the Spider-Man figure included in the set, which was based on the artwork of ’90s superstar artist Todd McFarlane. Unfortunately, “extremely rare” also means “extremely expensive,” which is why I take pride in the fact that I got it for half the usual price.

spider-man marvel minimates venom sandman hydro-man

I never thought I’d see the day when I’d feel proud of paying 20 dollars for 5 pieces of Spider-Man “not-Lego” figures. Then again, stranger things have happened.

I also managed to get a few new ones over the past month.

spider-man wolverine venom deadpool minimates marvel

A hero, an anti-hero, a villain, and a nutcase.

Deadpool Hawkeye Spider-Man Ant-Man Marvel Minimates

Avengers. And Deadpool. No, Deadpool, you can’t be an Avenger. Just no.

Oh, and I’m still missing about twenty or so Spider-MenOh, mon dieu.

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