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Spider-Man’s Point of View

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That Awkward Moment When You Find Out Your Ex-GF Is Hydra by Marco Manalac

    That Awkward Moment When You Find Out Your Ex-GF Is Hydra By: Marco Manalac A lot has been happening this past week for our favorite web-crawler. A lot has also been revealed. Let me take you through some of the wildest things that have been rocking Spider-Man’s world recently. Well, for one, we just found out that Miles ... Read More »

Peter Parkour

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5 International Spider-Men who should be in Spider-Verse

Spider-Verse has kicked off and has brought ever Spider-man ever but those that we are done or licensed to Marvel So how about those Spider-men who were created as inspiration or a fan flick…. Presenting 5 Spider-men that should be in Spider-Verse 5. Evil Turkish Spider-man  The most evil and notorious inspired Spider-man of them all….the Evil Spider-man by 3dev ... Read More »

Spider-Verse Display for Halloween ComicFest 2014

  Last October 25, WebsPinas was given the opportunity to have an Spider-man theme programme for the Halloween ComicFest Event called “Look Out Here Comes the Spider-Verse”  Aside fro the costumes, art contest, cosplayers and trivia challenge, a SpiderVerse display presenting in various scales from different toylines . Full Display    On the upper right shelf. Hasbro’s 3.75  Marvel Universe ... Read More »

Spider-Man’s Bathroom Selfie

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