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2014 Year in Review: The New and Improved WebsPinas Facebook page

The New and Improved WebsPinas Facebook page Please check out our new and improved FB page currently having over 11,200 likes. https://www.facebook.com/pages/WebsPinas/951290481552448  OLD Facebook pic The WebsPinas page has been changed and been updated to a better one.  For those who like the old one please changed because we transferred to the new one.  Now providing daily news and spider-man ... Read More »

They Can Run But They Can’t Hide by Marco Manalac

By: Marco Manalac Happy new year to all the True Believers, web-heads and wall-crawlers out there! During the holiday break, there was very little Spider-Man action to be had, as most Spidey-titles did not release during the New Year and Christmas period. But seeing how 2015 has already started off with a bang, with the release of the first Ant-Man ... Read More »

All of my Spidey-centric 2014 highlights!

YAY! Read More »

Tangled Web: December 2014 hauls

Last hauls for the year The  last month of the year’s spider-man hauls. 2014 has been a great year of spider-man collectibles, some cool statues release and toylines 🙂 Sideshow Campbell Spider-man Comicquette     Campbell Set with MJ and Gwen   Also with some Campbell Art   USM Scarlet Spider 3.75 line  ASM2 Electro 3.75   String Doll Spider-man and Venom    ... Read More »

Merry Spidey Christmas! by Marco Manalac

Merry Spidey Christmas! By: Marco Manalac                        As Christmas approaches, and the holiday break begins, now is the best time to catch up on your favorite Spider-Man books. You might also want to buy a bunch of Spidey titles as gifts for your friends and family. Today, I’ll just be ... Read More »

Electro’s Important Plug

“Jamie Foxx” “plugs” his new movie. Read More »