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First Appearance! Issue Number 1! A Collector’s Item!

The First Appearance of SpiderDan at the UP Lantern Parade, December 1999. Read More »

Spidey Loves MJ

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  PRESS RELEASE   CREATE YOUR OWN SPIDER-MAN ART CONTEST So, you think you can draw? Are you are an inspiring artist? Do you think you can design the next Spider-man? Wanna win some spectacular prizes? Submit your own SPIDER-MAN design on Halloween Comic Fest at our FORT Branch. Your drawing must be a completely original Spider-man creation, your very ... Read More »

Look Out, Here Comes the Spider-Verse Event Recap

Yes Peter Parker, last October 25th everyone’s spider sense were tingling with all the fun and spider-man related activities on the event called ” Look Out, Here Comes the Spider-Verse”. WebsPinas in partnership with Comic Odyssey and Fully Booked joined forces to have a Spider-man Theme Halloween ComicFest.  Our friends from Flipgeeks and SpiderVerse PH also joined in to make ... Read More »

5 Spider-Men We’d Love to See in SPIDER-VERSE

It’s going to be one heck of a Spider-party when Amazing Spider-Man #9 hits the stands on November 5. The much-anticipated multi-part story arc, “Spider-Verse,” officially kicks off in the pages of Marvel’s flagship title. Regular Amazing Spider-Man scribe Dan Slott promised us that we’d see nearly every incarnation of Spider-Man ever (yes, including Toku Spidey himself, Supaiidaman); however, we ... Read More »

Why is Spidey ashamed?

Is it because he is a Shame? Read More »