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Check out Spider-Dan and Mikael’s Custom Figures at Toycon 2014

WebsPinas peeps will be at Toycon…Check out Mikael’s Custom Spider-man Figures at Action Figure Philippines Display and Spider-Dan will be roaming around the halls in his costume There will be a big Marvel presence for this year’s Toycon. Disney Philippines will have a Guardians of the Galaxy Display FlipGeeks will also have a Marvel Creator Signing/Sketch http://www.flipgeeks.com/events/flipgeeks-to-bring-pinoy-marvel-artists-at-toycon-2014   Below is ... Read More »

Spider-Man Meets The Beatles

I know, there is absolutely no connection with The Beatles and Spider-Man, apart perhaps from some obscure trivia hidden in the old comics (those are probably Mikael’s and Alex’s departments). But I love The Beatles. I never go through a day without listening to them. I also imagine that Peter Parker listens to them, or at least the original one: ... Read More »

May 2014 Hauls

Not much toy hauls for the month of May which is odd considering this is the launch of movie. Hasbro didnt release a lot unlike 2 years ago for Amazing Spider-man 1.  DST and Comic Stores didnt offer much toys as well. Marvel Select ASM hasnt been release and still awaiting for the minimates. Funko ASM2 are also already available. ... Read More »

Andrew Garfield is in the Philippines?

andrew garfield is that you? Me: Nope Read More »

New Mobile Game: Gameloft’s Spider-man Unlimited in time for Spider-Verse

    Releasing on September of this year 2014…Gameloft, the maker of Ultimate spider-man, Amazing Spider-man 1 and 2, has yet again added a new Spider-man game. This time it would feature the comic version Spider-man including several other of his  costumes  or alternate reality.  The timing of release will coincide with the launch of Spider-Verse which will officially start ... Read More »

Disney XD featuring Marvel animation to finally launch in PH

Disney XD, the home of Marvel cartoon like Ultimate Spider-man, Avengers Assemble, Hulk Smash will  finally launch in the Philippines. Disney XD in the US also have shown old Marvel cartoons from the 80s and 90s.  Having a cable channel with all the Marvel cartoon is great for the fans. I cant wait. For the launch, Disney XD made a ... Read More »