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Who Can Defeat Spider-Man?

This is a trademark funny pose I do with others whenever I go out as Spidey. Most cosplayers would never want to portray their character being beaten by another character. They might find it embarrassing or demeaning, but I enjoy doing it because it is a tribute to the dramatic and classic comic book device of showing the main character ... Read More »

A Peek At Spider-Man’s Closet

I’ve been going out wearing a Spider-Man costume since 1999. Between now and then, I’ve probably worn more than 10 different suits. Some of these I’ve already thrown away because they were worn out so much that the blues were already so faded that they were almost white. Picture here are the ones I still use: Here’s a photo of ... Read More »

Discover Spider-Man’s Secret Origin!

I did a guesting for Cosplay.ph’s The Cosplay Show. It was shot on a plastic sheet factory. The place was quite interesting; it had a feel of an 80’s-90’s Pinoy action film warehouse, so we also did a lot of action scenes and photos ourselves, some of which were used as inserts in the video. The Cosplay Show, produced by ... Read More »

The Spider Room 2012

Here are pics of my room taken last 2012 in line for the Spider-Man movie. The pics shown are the toys, trades, graphic novels, comics, cards, DVDs and many more collected from the past 10 years. Also a video segment showing the the rest of the collection Read More »

Spider-Man News You May Have Missed

On top of my day job and my secret (shhh!) web-slinging career, I also write science news and geek articles for GMA News Online. Here are a few reviews and news articles about – you guessed it – Spider-Man that I’ve written so far. New York’s friendly neighborhood webslinging son is quite the newsmaker, so expect more news and reviews ... Read More »

The Amazing SpiderDan

(Original post from Cosplayer Feature: The Amazing Spider-Dan by PlanetMarkus.com. Link here: http://www.planetmarkus.com/cosplayer-feature-the-amazing-spider-dan/) After months and months of being offline, I am both proud and happy to announce that PlanetMarkus blog is officially back online! Huge thanks to my admin for fixing everything and making sure that the blog is once again back to its feet. Thanks, thanks Kuya Boyet, for ... Read More »