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Spidey Sightings at ToyCon 2014 Day 3

  No new Spider-man toys on Day 3 but SpiderDan makes his appearance including some other spidey cosplayers.         WebsPinas crew   Manga Spider-man   Read More »

Spidey Appearance, Day One

  TASM 2 Spidey Appearance, Day One Sony/Columbia/AXN Block Screening April 30, 2014 Greenbelt 3, Makati Photos by Hannah     Read More »

Spidey Sightings ToyCon 2014 Day 2

Today is Toycon…here are the spidey sightings from Mikael’s Toy Display to Spider-man Cosplayers. Wasnt able to take the pic of the black spider-man unfortunately     Read More »

The Relaunched “Amazing Spider-Man” is a Book You Should Be Reading

Have you heard the news? The neighborhood just got a lot friendlier again. The one, true Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Benjamin Parker, made his triumphant return last month in the penultimate issue of “Superior Spider-Man.” For a year and three months in real-world time, the Spider-Man swinging around in the comics was not the hard-luck hero that fans had come to ... Read More »

Check out Spider-Dan and Mikael’s Custom Figures at Toycon 2014

WebsPinas peeps will be at Toycon…Check out Mikael’s Custom Spider-man Figures at Action Figure Philippines Display and Spider-Dan will be roaming around the halls in his costume There will be a big Marvel presence for this year’s Toycon. Disney Philippines will have a Guardians of the Galaxy Display FlipGeeks will also have a Marvel Creator Signing/Sketch http://www.flipgeeks.com/events/flipgeeks-to-bring-pinoy-marvel-artists-at-toycon-2014   Below is ... Read More »

Spider-Man Meets The Beatles

I know, there is absolutely no connection with The Beatles and Spider-Man, apart perhaps from some obscure trivia hidden in the old comics (those are probably Mikael’s and Alex’s departments). But I love The Beatles. I never go through a day without listening to them. I also imagine that Peter Parker listens to them, or at least the original one: ... Read More »