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How To Create Your Own Spidersona

My discussion on all things Spidersona! Shot at Komiket 2019, Elements at Centric, QC. Special thanks to Gabby Navarro and Radmen’s Caleb Cosico and Gab Garcia. Read More »

This Is The SpiderDan Show (Channel Trailer)

https://www.youtube.com/user/spiderdan is the official channel of Dan Ramon “SpiderDan” Geromo: an Art Director, Cosplayer, and Performer from the Philippines. He is known to be affiliated with these bands, orgs and companies: Kiko Machine, Spider-Verse Ph, WebsPinas, BillyGaga, The Discoball, Saturday Special, The Wonder Boarders, IXM with The IDOITS, Outbreak Manila Zombies, Ipis Comics and The Best Things In Life Are ... Read More »

10 Things You Need To Know When Cosplaying Spider-Man

We count down on 10 things you need to know when cosplaying Spider-Man. This is another Cosplay-by-Play episode! Some footages are from Erving Go, Timzster and Noel Atienza. And of course, a gigantic and forever grateful salute to Spider-Verse PH! Check out the fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/spiderverseph/ Read More »

80% Off On Comics??? (Haul of Fame)

In this edition of SpiderDan’s Haul of Fame: comics, magazines and discounted graphic novels! Thanks to Comic Quest, Powerbooks, Filbars and Book Sale. Read More »

6Underground Retrospective and Kiko Machine’s Kiko Ranger (Gig Mythologies)

Here’s a retrospective look at one of my favorite gig venues: the great 6Underground Bar! Also featuring a 2006 video of Kiko Machine performing KIKO RANGER! Thank yous and acknowledgements are in order: Salamat 6Underground Makati and Ortigas owners and staffers, Kiko Machine, Rockersworld (Karla Redor) for some of the photos, footage from Blue Bustamante by Miko Livelo and Cinema ... Read More »

Craziest Things I’ve Done for Cosplay (Cosplay-By-Play)

I count down some of the crazy things that I did just for the sake of cosplay. Footages and photos from: Cosplay.ph TV, Metro Comic Con, Tagcom, Philanime.com, Patrick Batanes, Marko Villaluz, Kate Jimenez, Clang Sison, Patrick Briones, AsiaPop Comicon, and PCheng Photography Read More »