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Spider-man Toy Fair 2015 coverage

  Last Feb 14-17 , Toy companies had an opportunity to showcase their upcoming collectibles for the rest of the year in the annual US toyfair. It’s also the time of the year where fans await for the next toy collectibles.  For Spider-man fans, there are a lot of toys in store despite not having a movie Credit the pictures ... Read More »

Spider-Gwen, I Heart You by Marco Manalac

I enjoyed the Spider-Verse epilogue in Amazing Spider-Man issue 15 more than I enjoyed the actual Spider-Verse event. The main reason behind this is because there was more conflict, more tension, and more action packed in this one fast-paced issue than across the six chapters of the main storyline. The plot of this issue was simple. The Spider-Totems had won ... Read More »

Celebrate the Year of the Spider! By Marco Manalac

This week, Spider-Man fans got two fresh perspectives on life, one from a young man figuring out why his girlfriend abandoned him, another from a new Spider-Hero, a woman adjusting to the real world after being gone from society for ten years. In Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man issue 10, our young hero finally decides to fix things with Kate ... Read More »


As everybody already probably knows, the big news that came out the past week is that Marvel will be rebooting the Spider-Man film franchise once again. They are sending Spider-Man back to high school, and are currently looking into new actors who can portray Peter Parker. Reports say that the current favorites are Logan Lerman and Dylan O’Brien, who starred ... Read More »

WebsPinas celebrates its 1st year anniversary

  Last Feb 9, 2014, Three spider-man fans met for the 1st time and by fate decide to put their passion to the next level by making a Spider-man site made by Pinoys. Today marks the 1st year of WebsPinas.com and in its 1st year the website was made including the facebook page, 2 TV appearances and 3 mall displays ... Read More »

MAFEX The Amazing Spider-Man Action Figure Review by AdvocatePinoy

  MAFEX The Amazing Spider-Man Action Figure Review Our friend Dominic made a review on the new and hot toy the MAfex Amazing Spider-man 2 figure. Check his review on video. For more Spider-man toys review pls check his facebook page    Read More »