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The Relaunched “Amazing Spider-Man” is a Book You Should Be Reading

Have you heard the news? The neighborhood just got a lot friendlier again.


The one, true Amazing Spider-Man, Peter Benjamin Parker, made his triumphant return last month in the penultimate issue of “Superior Spider-Man.” For a year and three months in real-world time, the Spider-Man swinging around in the comics was not the hard-luck hero that fans had come to know and love for five decades. One of the webslinger’s most formidable foes, Doctor Octopus, was dying, and managed to switch minds with Parker, trapping the hero in his decaying body. Learning the vital lesson of great power and great responsibility at the last moment, Doc Ock swore to become a better Spider-Man than his predecessor – a Superior Spider-Man.

However, during the events of “Goblin Nation,” the Green Goblin managed to seize control of New York City. Doc Ock soon realized that it was his arrogance that blinded him to the truth: the city had fallen into chaos under his watch, and there was only one man who could save it – the hero he had stolen his body from. With the fate of an entire city at stake, Doc Ock relinquished control of Parker’s body to a ghost of Parker’s memories hidden deep inside his brain. Finding himself in the driver’s seat once more, the real Spider-Man put an end to the Goblin’s plans, saved the city, and is now trying to undo the mess Doc Ock made in his personal life, one awkward situation at a time.

Thus, “Amazing Spider-Man” was relaunched with a new issue #1 – just in time for the new movie, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” – simultaneously unleashing a ridiculous number of variant covers upon the world.
An extra-special event deserves a plus-sized comic book; clocking in at 92 pages (only 64 of which are actually Spider-Man-related – more on that later), “The Amazing Spider-Man” #1 features seven different tales that either add previously unrevealed dimensions to Spider-Man’s origin story or set the stage for this year’s Spider-Man story arcs.

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With this and the upcoming “Spider-Verse” event, the world of comics has never been quite as Amazing.

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