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The Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Carnage figure looks insanely, dangerously awesome

We’ve got some great new images of the Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Carnage action figure scheduled to come out in May 2018. Check them out below!

Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Carnage Gallery

The Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Carnage is expected to stand at around 6.1″ tall. It will have at least 40 points of articulation. Since this is the Revoltech line, expect to get quite a bit of range on those joints.


The Amazing Yamaguchi line tends to get a lot of flak from collectors due to the aesthetics of the figures. Thanks to Revoltech’s signature Revolver Joint setup, the figures in the line are perhaps the most poseable 6″ figures out there. Unfortunately, more often than not, it comes at the cost of them looking awkward in standard “vanilla” poses.


Luckily, that doesn’t seem to be a problem with the Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Carnage.


In fact, due to Carnage’s messy, complicated, and over-the-top character design, he’s actually perfect for the line! Seriously, look at that.


The eye-switching mechanic really works well for him, too! It’s ideal for portraying this rather mercurial character in his multiple, mostly murderous moods. He’d probably look much better without that awkward, spiky crown, though. Perhaps it’s removable — a guy can hope, after all.


The Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Carnage even has poseable tendrils and spikes coming out of his back. How cool is that?


“Psst. C’mere, kid. Let me tell you a real killer of a joke. Seriously, this one’s really going to burst your guts!”


The Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Carnage also has a plethora of replacement hands and tendrils for maximum play value (or some extra-violent photoshoots).


The figure also comes with a stand for some great leaping and delivering-death-and-dismemberment-from-above poses.

All in all, the Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Carnage figure will include a figure stand, 3 pairs of eyes, 2 pairs of normal hands, 2 sickle-shaped hands, 2 sword-shaped hands, 2 axe-shaped hands, 2 needle-shaped hands, 4 large symbiote tendrils, 4 medium symbiote tendrils, 4 small symbiote tendrils, 2 connection pieces, and 2 extension pieces. The only way they could have sweetened this any further is if they had included an unmasked Cletus Kasady head.


If you haven’t preordered this guy yet, you definitely should!

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