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Spider-Man/Deadpool: A Match Made In Hell by Marco Manalac

You’d think that these two would get along. They’re both jokers, non-stop talkers, and they look very similar. Of course, the Merc with the Mouth will claim that it was the web-crawler who copied his costume. But even their fighting styles are close, as they both move like modern-day ninjas. But despite the similar looks, joking personalities, and smooth moves, Deadpool and Spider-Man simply do not get along. A part of me feels like the deeper tension between the two is the competitiveness with their jokes. In Spider-Man/Deadpool issue 1, which came out in local stores just today, you can see the two oddball heroes facing off and trying to top one another with pun after pun, witty remark after witty remark, and gag after gag. And while Deadpool seems to be innocently and sincerely having fun with the wild times he has with Spider-Man, Peter Parker looks as if he’ll need a visit to the asylum after every misadventure of theirs.

But as much as these two fan-favorites hate each other, it’s hard to argue with their undeniable chemistry. They are two peas of the same pod, and that is exactly the problem. While Cable and Deadpool hit it off because they were such polar opposites, Spider-Man and the Merc work as a team-up because they want to be the better man, and they’ll do or say anything to prove that point and get it across. In Spider-Man/Deadpool issue 1, the story starts off with Deadpool kidnapping Spider-Man and teleporting him to hell, literally, where they have to square off with our favorite demon Dormammu. Dormammu first appeared in 1964 in the pages of Strange Tales. He is often considered as the greatest enemy and archrival of Doctor Strange. Having him become the first common enemy of our new dynamic duo was an interesting choice, since we are usually treated to stories of him fighting more mystical or magical heroes. But this comic doesn’t take itself too seriously, so the reader is just forced to accept that these two street-level heroes stand a chance against the Lord of Chaos.

The two heroes even have to face the Mindless Ones, popular minions of Dormammu. Deadpool comes up with an ingenious way to put a stop to the Mindless Ones, but I won’t be the one to spoil it for you. But I promise you it’ll make you wonder why nobody ever thought of that before. The clash between Dormammu and his armies versus Spider-Man and Deadpool is a fun, action-packed thriller with a lot of arguing, slicing, web-slinging, and weirdness involved. After the two make their way out of hell, Deadpool tells Spider-Man why he kidnapped him in the first place. And it is here that we see the softer, kinder side of the Merc with a Mouth. Deadpool explains to Spider-Man that he wants Spider-Man to work under him, and help him earn the title of being a real superhero. It turns out that in a way, Deadpool wants Spider-Man to be his mentor or life coach. Spider-Man obviously turns down the offer as he cannot stand even just being close to the violent mercenary. But as Spider-Man swings away, readers soon discover that Deadpool’s bigger mission is to kill Peter Parker for a big fee of 100 million dollars. Issue 2 should be interesting because we all know that Peter Parker and Spider-Man are one and the same. Issue 2 comes out February 10, and the cover shows a bunch of Green Goblins flying around a mid-air duel between the two titular characters. And guess what… even Miles Morales will be joining the chaos, as seen on the cover. This book is a true crowd-pleaser, and not one panel will ever bore you if you give it a chance. And wait, there’s more! The first issue of Spider-Man/Deadpool comes with a special bonus book, Vision #1 included.

The secondary mission of the book is of course to stimulate readers to watch the Deadpool movie when it comes out in February. The trailers have already been creating a lot of buzz because of its mature nature. It’s funny that the cinemas don’t play the Red Band trailers here in the Philippines, as the censored versions have a lot of awkward cuts and edits. But with supporting characters like Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and Angel Dust, this movie is sure to bring the hard hits and the head-slamming violence we all secretly want deep down inside. As superhero movies nowadays get more and more serious, the much-anticipated Deadpool film will be a much-needed break from all the negative vibes of the world. Sometimes, people just want to watch good guys beating the living hell out of the bad guys. There’s nothing wrong about that, right?

If you still haven’t seen the latest awesome Deadpool trailer, you can check it out here. Just click the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIM1HydF9UA

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