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The Tangled Web 2014 Phase 2

Showcasing my room for a TV segment on Spider-man gave me an opportunity to display my collectibles which were mostly just stored in  plastic containers. As compared  2 years ago, the room has progressed and evolved. So, I guess, it is fitting to call my room “Tangled Web Phase 2″.


This year, I was able to put 4 more cabinets to store my new books, statues and  the mini figures. I was also able to put up the 12 feet spider-man poster and  set up the brick playsets. Unfortunately though, I did not have  time nor the funds to make cabinets for my 6 inch figures.

While the pictures feature most of my collection, please note that I was not able to display my 3.75 figures, my cartoon toys namely, Spectacular and Ultimate, random mini spider-man and also those unopened model kits.  I hope that when Amazing Spider-man 3 appears in theaters in the next 2 years, I will  have a chance to display all the figures in  new more organized cabinets.

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