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Welcome to Tangled Web

malldisplay2012Welcome to Tangled Web!

Hi! This is Alex. This is a gallery of all the Spider-Man-related stuff I’ve managed to collect over the last few years. I decided to call it “Tangled Web” because, well, there’s a LOT of stuff to collect, and when I see all of them in one place, I kind of see them “entangled” in my own little web.

I have been collecting spider-man stuff for 12 years already – comics, books, CDs/DVDs, action figures, statues, and so on.

I aim to establish an online gallery of thes various collectibles that have helped skyrocket Spider-Man’s popularity as a pop culture icon and a flagship/brand character over the decades. I’ll be posting displays (especially of my room and new hauls) and reviews here as well. I hope you enjoy your stay! Do swing by every once in a while – this section will be constantly updated. Thwipp!


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